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Just a little (link) love: baby octopus swimming edition

May 18, 2017

LinkLoveNegotiating according to a former hostage negotiator

I love Ms. Montana’s ideas for picking the right tenants and then treating her renters right.

This is J.D. Roth’s Board of Directors. I have a small board of my own, at least one of them is a former PF blogger. Who’s on your Board?

Mrs BITA’s asking the important question: What will you leave behind?

Mimic octopi can impersonate at least 15 other species

This is too much cuteness. Just too much. Can we borrow that cat for babysitting?

So THAT’s how kids make friends!

Human trafficking. This is beyond sobering.

An American watching America from Germany

Anthony Bourdain eats his way through San Sebastian and I’d like to come along please. But some of these prices are just too steep.

Bloop bloop bloop

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  1. My son tends to make new friends by talking to them about something they have. So when he was 3 or 4, he’d be like, “I like your shirt. My shirt has X on it,” and then the other kid would be like “My shirt has Y on it,” and then they’d be talking about X and Y. At age 10 it’s more like, “I just finished that [Fablehaven book you are currently reading] yesterday.”
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  2. Interesting posts and articles. The video is so cute!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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