By: Revanche

Just a little (link) love: pre-SDCC edition

July 13, 2017


Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim leave Hawaii Five-0 in season 8 because CBS wouldn’t pay them fairly, leaving me with absolutely no reason to watch beyond Season 7. Pay disparity based on race and gender continue, and the road, as Daniel says, to equality is rarely easy. This is so true, and a long fight remains.

Tiara Caldwell started a doula and lactation consultancy called Crowned and Cradled and that’s just pure genius.

It looks like we may need a Batsuit in a few years for JuggerBaby’s development. I seem to recall being perseverant as young as first or second grade when I chose to do homework, or even ask for it the total dork that I was, first when I came home from school. It felt like a way of giving myself structure, and I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment that completing a worksheet gave me.

Even if I don’t hit financial independence at age 40, which is less than likely with our mega mortgage now, Mrs. BITA is right – I’m not going to be a failure! I will have tried and made the most of our resources, saved as well as we could, and invested to the best of our abilities. However we end this effort, it will have been after doing our best.

A second wolf family in California!! How exciting.

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