By: Revanche

Just a little (link) love: bird block edition

August 3, 2017


Bletchley codebreakers are fascinating people.

Thoughts about chronic pain that I could have written if my fingers weren’t swollen to half again their size and my brain wasn’t fogged over from fatigue because all my joints are mad at the world. In short, yes.

At the same time demand for, and therefore prices for, bacon go up, we started cooking more with other pork parts. If only my market sense was so uncanny on all other market movements.

ADELAIDE PASTIES recipe! I’ve a minor obsession with pasties.

Have you grown sartorially? I haven’t.

I’m pushing JuggerBaby pretty hard to learn multiple languages: naturally Spanish since we’re in California, three Asian languages, and two more Romance languages. It’s not that I have proficiency in any of them but I’m anecdotally convinced that growing up bilingual and loving reading was a really important skill. More recent research supports bilingual learning but I’d still do this even if it didn’t because the ability to speak, read, and write in multiple languages will always serve some purpose.

We should be doing better by our veterans, not worse

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  1. Those are SOME pasties!

    SDXB and his sister both make the real thing, having learned the trick from their mother. All three versions are classic folk recipes. They lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where Cornish miners descended to work in the mining industry there. Hence…Cornish pasties, eh?

    Whenever he gets back from Colorado, I’ll have to put him up to making some. 🙂
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  2. I think I’ve regressed sartorially. In high school, I knew I had no idea how to dress, so I always wore a button-down seersucker shirt, jeans, and this one particular local brand of running shoes. Every. Day.

    In college I started to experiment with style (I had gone away to school! No one knew me!), and also I joined a sorority, so I tried out different fashions. At some point I figured out what I liked, and I built something resembling a wardrobe.

    Then three things happened: I moved across the country and jettisoned much of that wardrobe; I gained weight; I had a child and got really, really slammed for time and energy. So I wear poorly strategized separates, and the result is that I have both too many clothes and never enough.

    I haven’t had a pair of dress/office slacks that I really like in over 10 years.

    • Revanche says:

      I built sort of a work wardrobe but that’s gone by the wayside since having JuggerBaby and a job that doesn’t care what I wear, not even a little. I’m going to keep whittling it down so that I have a few nice things for weddings and funerals, and then the rest should just be casual stuff that combines well. I hope.

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