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Just a little (link) love: quicksand edition

August 24, 2017


Ways we shouldn’t help servers – I’m guilty of bussing my own table sometimes.

Can oysters save New York Harbor?

At KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, they are trying to do their part to offset their carbon footprint on the globe and become the world’s most sustainable airline.

If only more companies would take steps to offset their carbon footprints, I think we’d be in much better shape. We do some things as individuals, and we try, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the kind of carbon that huge companies are generating. Personally I’d pass on the Delft houses myself, though, not being a fan of knick knacks.

Go Shonda!! I love it when amazingly talented women are making it.

Would you dress up or casual it down in this situation? I started dressing MORE professionally than I ever had in my life in one of my previous jobs in a concerted attempt to look as old as I was presumed to be for a major senior role. That was in a place much like Sherry described – so casual you’d see men’s toes. There were legitimately people walking around totally barefoot sometimes! Never thought I’d see an email about not doing that on a day when a glass window was broken. I didn’t break until I left that workplace and went to an even more senior position, ironically. I guess I peaked.

Joking about owning slaves again? To the faces of people of color? These white people are horrible humans. 

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  1. SP says:

    I’m kind of amazed at Netflix’s overall spending on content. it would be interesting to understand their business model for this! Also, I had read this article a few days earlier and thought it was about Shonda!
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  2. Karen says:

    Re: helping servers. I disagree withe #2-3. If you bus tables properly, customers won’t have to do it for you. Don’t complain when you’ve performed poorly (former server here). And not following the logic on paying before others are ready. It just says it slows them down but not how/why.

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