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Just a little (link) love: glasses edition

November 30, 2017

This is a really old news bit but it made me laugh inside so here is yet another good argument for my not dressing up in costume ever – this women’s group dressed up as pirates to get in the spirit for a talk they were hearing about pirates. Specifically the man who was held hostage by them….

My beloved Grandma (not to be confused with the mean abusive or negligent ones) ate this every morning: “Diep Tran, the Vietnamese-American chef of Good Girl Dinette in Los Angeles, told me that she wishes she could serve a breakfast of nothing but baguette accompanied by condensed milk diluted with hot water, for dipping. “It’s refugee food,” she said. “Proustian, kind of like Spam. But people get upset; they think they’re being ripped off.””

Representation matters: “The whole reason why it’s so difficult to raise a child and have a career in Japan is because there are no women with children involved in the decision-making process,” she said. “I’m determined to change that.

I Shalane my professional relationships to help young women grow in the field even while I build my career. There’s every good reason to give support this way – the people you nurture will do the same for others and create a far better community.

Ohh I’m excited for Marvel’s Runaways, and Nico! She’s a fantastic character.

Kieran Gillan on plots that twist and audiences that guess what’s next.

Lucy Bellwood’s post on how and how much she made from an illustration gone viral is greatly relevant to my interests. It’s pretty fascinating to see how conversion happens and how little it happens.

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  1. bethh says:

    I had not seen that pirate article, so thank you!!!! So funny!

    And, I’d completely forgotten about the Runaway series – I read a few maybe 10 years ago. How exciting that it’ll be a show (that I can’t watch since I don’t have Hulu? ugh)!

    I’d missed the sailor artwork thingy – because apparently I don’t follow enough sharers – but that was really interesting!

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