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Just a little (link) love: Chief Bogo edition

December 7, 2017

Carb emergencies are real. Don’t believe me? Let me regale you with the tale of running out of carbs one day. I went to Trader Joe’s just to get a load of bread and some English muffins so we could breakfast like civilized humans and returned with every single carb they sold from hash browns and French bread to something called a babka that doesn’t remotely resemble a Russian grandmother so I don’t know what they’re talking about but it had flour, butter, and chocolate and in that extended moment of carbohydrate-deprivation enhanced madness it had to come home with me. *deep breath* Don’t be like me, y’all. Keep your pantries reasonably well stocked. Also your bank accounts because that part was more the whole point of the linked post. On that note, we’ve only used our emergency fund to buy and renovate this house which was absolutely not its purpose but it’s back to being lonely liquid cash that’ll never know the warm touch of human hand so long as we are hale, hearty, and employed.

Ew, we’re eating glitter?

I like checking into the habits of rich folks to see if I have developed any of the same habits or signs. We’re not into the status symbols life but we do have a really expensive home simply by virtue of living in the armpit of Silicon Valley. Anatomically inaccurate but accurate insofar as the location’s value is concerned. I’m good on the clothing front – we spent an average of $100 per person this year, and I spend about 3 minutes deciding what to wear each morning. Grey or blue jeans, or purely at home lounging pants? And short sleeve or long sleeve? I’m working on the multiple income streams, though. We have 2 jobs, a rental property, and dividend income, but the day jobs are what keep the lights on and food in the fridge. (*cough* carbs)

Do you travel to see family over the holidays?

To this, I can only say, duh? That women are “inferior” is pretty much their platform and belief system: “Alt-right” women are upset that “alt-right” men are treating them terribly. Also, no kidding they’re part of the alt-right, or more straightforwardly, white supremacist movement:
“By the end of the thread, McCarthy made it clear that these trolls are part of the “alt-right.” “The problem I’m stating here is not that ‘there are trolls on the internet’ but that people who proclaim to be on our side are trying to tear down women in our in-group,” she wrote.”

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  1. I banned glitter projects with Little Sis a while back. Too much risk if it’s accidentally ingested or she breathes it in.
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    • Revanche says:

      I’d never thought about it, but we also have never introduced glitter project so it looks like we’re going to have to find another way to get the sparkle going.

  2. SP says:

    We never attempt to visit for Thanksgiving (just too far / too much effort for a short visit), but we always travel for Christmas. I think it is very much worth it!
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  3. Cindy in the South says:

    “Armpit of Silicon Valley”…I laughed out loud at that remark! I live in what would probably be characterized as the armpit of the deep South, which is why my house costs $37,000. I will trade armpits with you….lol. Although I do have a lovely drive every morning through catfish ponds, and postcard worthy pastureland, with almost zero traffic for 20 miles (one car on the road with me this morning)….so I guess the zero stress twenty minute commute makes it not so bad. Last time I had a traffic jam, it was a cow in the middle of the road. A VERY large cow/bull/whatever the heck it was…it would not move and was as big as my car. I think there are drawbacks to everywhere, and there are pluses to everywhere also. As far as travel for the holidays, my daughter is coming home from Utah, so I will stay put. I have taken the train out to Salt Lake few years ago, during the Christmas/holiday break, and it was a beautiful trip.

    • Revanche says:

      LOL I bet your armpit is a little better than ours, all things considered, the “value” is purely on paper until and unless we sell. But we do have some nice shops and bakeries close by and that makes it competitive, along with a job for both of us 🙂 I guess we’re even!

  4. Piggy says:

    As the commissioner of food-based emergencies, I ratify your carb emergency. That is all.

    Well, not quite. I’m trying REAL hard not to point and say “I told you so” at alt-right women. Because, like… what the hell did you think they meant with all that sexist rhetoric???
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    • Revanche says:

      All the thumbs up.

      I don’t think I have it in me NOT to say I told you so. Because I double damn guarantee you that it wasn’t sexism when it was aimed at liberals and people of color, it was “righteous”. Too bad it’s like people who like bosses who play favorites while they’re the favorite. Eventually they turn on you because THAT IS WHO THEY ARE.

  5. Mr. Sandwich’s family is local and mine is a few hours away. We alternate holidays, so we travel for one holiday per year. While there are reasons why Thanksgiving is a better travel time for us, it’s also true that November is always a really hard month for us–and travel doesn’t help with that.

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