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Just a little (link) love: holy mackeral gymnast! edition

January 25, 2018

Jim’s daughter joins us in the PF blogging ranks, briefly.

There’s sexual harassment in every industry. This is one experience in the professional kitchen.

Penny’s post reminds me of my biggest last-moment-if-only-I-knew-it. The night PiC and I got married, I hugged Mom and told her I’d be back later. She was clinging to me, anxiety-fueled, wondering something, and I gently disgengaged her so that she could get some rest. Honestly, I was still too keyed up from worrying about her the whole time we were getting married. We drove back to SF the next morning after brunch with out of town friends and didn’t stop in on her. A few days later, she was gone. She’d been quite ill for a long time but not terminal – it was a shock for all of us.

She didn’t have any good days anymore, but I thought we still had a chance to reverse the health issues, or stop them from progressing. I was wrong.

I would be great at the crappy dinner party. We do this with my favorite relative regularly. But PiC would seriously be challenged by this.

Some people expect to retire from long careers in the military, but it’s important to understand that there are lots of reasons that might not happen. Military Dollar helps by sharing those stories.

I grew up watching Serena Williams grow up and dominate on the courts and will always be in awe of her. It also enrages me that her medical professionals continued in the same well known vein of not listening to black women about their health, particularly in maternal health.

I love window shopping with Sherry. She’s got me ogling these beautiful Olivia Burton watches which are awfully tempting since I can’t find the dang links to lengthen the strap of my one 12 year old watch I’ve worn for years, worth maybe $50 originally, which now pinches me something awful. Apparently you can retain pregnancy weight around your wrists. The indignities of motherhood abound. This design feels most classically me, though these artsy designs are delightful to look at. Usually designs come across as “clutter” to me, and I doubt I’d ever choose leather because I wear my accessories for decades and never doubt my ability to wear out even leather, but they’re beautiful to look at nonetheless. But don’t worry, old watch, I’ll

Interview with Kristi Yamaguchi. She was a Big Deal when I was growing up and the only reason I was interested in skating. She was also probably the inspiration for my secret Olympian dreams and honestly there’s a secret part of me that hopes that I can regain enough good health in retirement that I could revive that dream. I know, I’m crazy.


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  1. GYM says:

    I’m so sorry to read that about your mom πŸ™ When I read Penny’s post I was so sad too. Life is so fragile.

    I was obsessed about Kristi Yamaguchi growing up too! She seemed to elegant. I used to watch a lot of skating on TV as a kid. But couldn’t do a backward crossover at all in real life.

  2. Thanks for including me (or more specifically my daughter) in this. πŸ™‚

    Sorry to read about your mom – that had to be rough on you, regardless of her being ill for a while.

    — Jim

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