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Just a little (link) love: emu + dog edition

February 1, 2018

This teacher’s method for identifying the bullies / targets in her classroom is really quite clever and thoughtful.

I don’t usually love list posts but I love mail so the 21 things you can mail was a bit of fun.

Should I say yes more often as a parent? I dunno, I try for a reasonable balance. We allow small snacks before dinner though if you kept saying yes, JB would have two dinners and four desserts before the real dinner so the madness has to stop somewhere.

dogs only, sorry

A transcript on how generosity in business pays off. It’s a good read but this made me laugh: “The more you can pour into making it a gift about them… Think about going to a wedding. You’d never engrave something with “Compliments of John Ruhlin” or “Compliments of Giftology.” It would be the cheesiest thing on the planet.” An incredibly tacky cousin stapled her business card to some cash for our wedding present. We’ve got some weird relatives.

This made me nod, this is exactly how we approach marriage and parenting which is why our partnership works. We don’t count how many times we’ve done something, we look at what our partner’s been carrying and try to alleviate their burden:

So often in marriage we’re thinking about our own needs and what we want and what’s fair, and that’s natural. That’s really human, but good marriages come from two people thinking about how they can serve one another and really approaching marriage from a place of generosity. That gets really practical. It comes down to the division of household chores.

Instead of thinking primarily about equity and fairness, in a great marriage where both people are being generous you’re just looking for opportunities to help one another. It’s true of parenting too. Like, who’s going to put the kids to bed? Who’s going to get them ready for school or church? Who’s going to take them to practice? All those kinds of things. The endless driving. Hello. The endless driving. I’m so in that season right now.

And then I REALLY liked this idea: “One of the things he said to me is the easiest, fastest way to get money to the people who need it the most… Don’t send it to Washington and let them skim off a big administrative charge. Instead, just give all of it to the people who need it the most.


4 Responses to “Just a little (link) love: emu + dog edition”

  1. Don’t knock the government– historically, they have been better able to identify “the people who need it the most” than I am!

    We see only a subset of needy people that many other people also see, but we don’t see so many people so much less likely to get help.
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    • Revanche says:

      I should have noted that I meant specifically in THIS administration I prefer that method than trusting the government in general 🙂 Historically, yes, their reach is better than not.

  2. I love that teacher’s method for identifying bullying and the bullied. It lets her look out for and protect all of them, and it lets them retain their dignity.

    • Revanche says:

      Exactly – it doesn’t require any of them to confess to their feelings or expose themselves to the other students in the class.

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