July 13, 2017

Just a little (link) love: pre-SDCC edition


Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim leave Hawaii Five-0 in season 8 because CBS wouldn’t pay them fairly, leaving me with absolutely no reason to watch beyond Season 7. Pay disparity based on race and gender continue, and the road, as Daniel says, to equality is rarely easy. This is so true, and a long fight remains.

Tiara Caldwell started a doula and lactation consultancy called Crowned and Cradled and that’s just pure genius.

It looks like we may need a Batsuit in a few years for JuggerBaby’s development. I seem to recall being perseverant as young as first or second grade when I chose to do homework, or even ask for it the total dork that I was, first when I came home from school. It felt like a way of giving myself structure, and I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment that completing a worksheet gave me.

Even if I don’t hit financial independence at age 40, which is less than likely with our mega mortgage now, Mrs. BITA is right – I’m not going to be a failure! I will have tried and made the most of our resources, saved as well as we could, and invested to the best of our abilities. However we end this effort, it will have been after doing our best.

A second wolf family in California!! How exciting.

July 6, 2017

Just a little (link) love: Independence week edition


How was everyone’s 4th of July weekend, at least in the US? We spent it in the hot hot hot and still feel crispy around our edges.

Mark your calendars for July 11: Amazon Prime Day 2017 – 30 Hours of Deals

Not that you need the warning but, obviously, spend responsibly. That said, you might find some useful deals on July 11th.

I’m considering this one for myself if my old as rocks Kindle is eligible: Get up to $35 off Trade in your Kindle off a new one


A lot of flight attendants feel uncomfortable performing essential job functions and responsibilities because one angry person can change our employment status” – this is a natural result of the recent events gone viral. But at the same time, wouldn’t you argue there’s got to be a midpoint between physically assaulting passengers and not doing your jobs?

A useful guide to the best use of Ultimate Rewards points, if you have been stockpiling them like we did.

A nuanced look into the privilege of pretty and complications of being pretty in a society that focuses so much on a specific spectrum defining”pretty”

June 22, 2017

Just a little (link) love: Your Playbook For Tough Times, Vol. 2 edition


I shouldn’t be this bad at self care but I am. Takes a lot of reminders to keep at it.

Stop Saying ‘Drink the Kool-Aid’

I always knew mushrooms were untrustworthy. This year’s rains have led to more poisonous mushrooms sprouting.

A Malaysian-Auntie Jaeger story!

What is it with men who think that No really means “keep trying to convince me that I want to do something that I have no interest in, and if you pester me enough and buy me the gear, I will suddenly sprout expertise and interest in that thing”? I haven’t had too many interactions like this but I’ve had a few, and it’s Awkward as HECK.

The Beatrice Six and how memories can be implanted

Your Playbook For Tough Times, Vol. 2

Donna’s done it again! She’s created a second volume of her book on living frugally and getting the most of our lives.

If you’re interested in realistic tactics and actionable advice, you’ve come to the right place.

A popular statistic has been floating around the blogosphere this year: “According to a report from the Federal Reserve, 52 percent of U.S. residents would be unable to come up with $400 in an emergency.” This is a bit alarming since we know that $400 isn’t that much money in the grand scheme of things but if you don’t have it, it’s everything.

Now for the fun part! She’s been kind enough to offer a free copy of her book to my readers, and a discount code for those of you who are interested but don’t win.

To enter, please leave me a comment and let me know what you’re going to do for fun or money this coming week! Make sure you include an email address so we can contact you. 

Winner will be picked next Wednesday 9 pm PST and announced in next Thursday’s link love post.

June 15, 2017

Just a little (link) love: jumping edition


I was trying to define success for myself and I like this: “Real success has to do with the power you build in yourself, power that no one conferred on you and no one can take away from you.”

Using this list, I’m 4/5 of the way to successful by the Forbes article’s definition. I could use a bit more of 2 and 4. 2 – I’m still looking for what I want to do long term other than be rich, canny, and philanthropic. 😁

Does anyone remember Atari? And the E.T. Game? NPR interviews the game creator who explained how the game came about and financial impact on his life. My favorite quote:

Until one day, I really had a sit-down with myself, and I said, ‘You know, the IRS can only take my money. That’s really all they can do. If I give them my happiness, that’s on me.’

We need to do better about teaching the history of colonialism and the California missions.

The Massachusetts answer to online sales tax losses is … weird.

Speaking of whitewashed history, Robert E Lee was a horrible person. “White supremacy was one of Lee’s most fundamental convictions.

The Original Superman Still Knows How to Embarrass Batman

So THAT’s how dogs know what time it is! I always marveled at how Seamus knew exactly what time it was: “Time quite literally smells different throughout the day. Morning has a different scent from afternoon, which smells different from night-time. The canine nose is so sensitive that dogs can determine the difference between 5pm and 6pm, the time when your partner’s car rolls into the driveway every weekday.


June 8, 2017

Just a little (link) love: jellyfish taxi edition


Video of Cuttlefish Battle


Gwen’s my kind of landlord – she’s doing house renovations the right way IMO.

Penny asked: Are gendered emails a thing? I’m not sure. In the past month I’ve received 4 abject apology emails (only one of them was warranted), and 2 emails overexplaining that they weren’t able to deliver the expected work on time because of a death in the family, and because of toddlers running them ragged. They were all from men. That was an interesting sample set but I’m not sure that it’s representative.

Did you ever have your Sliding Doors moment like the ONLs did? I see how this has happened with my friends who stayed in the expensive NYC / Boston metro areas – nannies, 5000+ square foot estates, and all that fun stuff. They can afford it on their massive incomes but I don’t know whether they can afford that PLUS the kind of retirement they might want to have, without working.

This article describes the devastating fear, ignorance, and the silence in the Asian American community in dealing with mental illness. This is a stiflingly familiar situation that I’ve faced with my sibling and cousins. But I think this sentence also ignores how difficult it can be to obtain treatment for children once they turn 18, once they become adults: “There is plenty a dying parent can do to create a safe future for a troubled child; plenty that friends or family can do when a loved one seems dangerous.”

Jellyfish taxi‪

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