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Wearing the boo-boo face

March 19, 2008

Remember the birthday shoes? I cannot emphasize enough how much I love flats, and how much I loved these flats in particular because they conformed perfectly to my feet and didn’t make my knees hurt like some flats do.

Sadly, Boy Coworker pointed out that the heel had come off the right shoe on Friday morning, and then the left heel fell off that night!

They’re a shade under six months old, so I checked to see if they have any sort of quality guarantee, but came up dry. This stinks, I thought their quality was supposed to be better than your average shoe. I’ve never lost heels off any shoes, even my cheapie shoes from Payless! It’s times like these I understand the love of stores like Nordstrom with their insanely good return policies, or Levenger with their satisfaction guarantee.

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  1. mcb says:

    Take them back to the store and explain the situation. I had to do that with a pair of their shoes before (the soles were disintigrating) and they didn’t give me any hassle about exchanging them for a different shoe.

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