By: Revanche

Let’s play Good News, Bad News

April 4, 2008

Good News: Friend looked at my car yesterday, as did his dad, and both agreed that the damage has not compromised the structure of the undercarriage. Lots of scrapes, more in some places than others, and half the bumper’s gone, but it’s just the cosmetic bits. She’s safe to drive without repairs for now. At some point I’ll replace the bumper but I’ll do that myself (er, by that I mean, Friend will teach me now), as well as repairing or replacing the scraped up frame rail.

Bad News: Drama, drama, drama-rama at work. Little Boss has been very sensitive, and feels like the staff doesn’t defer to him enough.
Unfortunately, this is a sticky situation because he started off trying to be everyone’s friend when they were hired and didn’t establish a rapport of authority like I did (I’m boss first, friend second), he has a double standard when it comes to the females (get away with everything) and males (don’t get credit for anything), and hasn’t been doing his job as a manager because he’s stuck catering to Big Boss.
The list goes on, but he also shares many of the traits that it appears SingleMa’s former boss possesses. He’s instigated a “quarterly discussion and review” in which he spent most of one person’s review commenting on other employees. Surprise!
And it’s my turn today! Can’t wait to hear what he’s interpreted as my failure to support him, when in fact, I’m doing the managing that he doesn’t have time for.

Good News: I’ve been getting random free stuff 🙂

Bad News: Bosses offered us a free, floater vacation day because we had to work a holiday two months ago without extra compensation, and then tried to take it away from C1, the only one who’s had opportunity to take it, yesterday. “Forgot”? HMPH! Don’t even go there!

Good News: I’m meeting a lot of new visitors here lately, and it’s great to have my loyal readers contributing to the conversation regularly.

Bad News: My personal life is still a major jumble. I’m definitely taking some time to let things settle out, but it’s taking way too long for my taste. It’s probably not good that I keep thinking I want to quit my job and home, and take off at the end of the year to who-knows-what-‘n’-where, though.

Good News: I have great couple friends who are easy and fun to third-wheel with. That’s usually a weird position to be in, but they’re great, and are perfectly willing to rescue me from my house randomly.

Bad News: My parents still need a LOT of training. They keep doing things I specifically ask them not to do.

Good News: It’s Friday!!

2 Responses to “Let’s play Good News, Bad News”

  1. I love this good news bad news idea.. 🙂

    And it sounds like work is a bit of a hot potato… people feel their authority is being undermined but they never established any in the first place! LOL

  2. ~FB~ I’m trying it out as a way to keep a more even keel. Yes, bad stuff happens, but so does good stuff.

    Work is a big fat hot potato. There’s a WHOLE lot of other related drama that I’m not really touching with a ten foot pole, though I might have to when it comes time for our meeting. It didn’t happen on Friday, by the way, so I’m left wondering when it will happen. Hmph.

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