By: Revanche


September 10, 2008

Just as I was thinking that the iPhone was slowly redeeming itself …. ok, I can’t blame this on the phone, it’s totally my fault.

I had my bag in my lap, and was reading Astonishing X-Men #4 this morning when, one station from my final destination, I heard *slither — thunk!* Immediate reaction: oh no! Sure enough, the phone had slipped out of my bag and fallen between my seat and the wall of the train. Um. Since my hands are pretty small, and I always have to fish papers and such from between my desk and the wall at work, I thought I could use a pen to lever the phone high enough so that I could pull it out.

No dice. Not only did the pen not reach, I hit the phone at just the right angle to push it down further on its side. The next tool I tried, the comic book (I was getting desperate), knocked it flat on its face. Crap!

I tried coming at it from the other side of the seat bank, no luck. I tried going under the seat, but there was only two cms of space between the ledge the phone was on, and the stupid face extending from the bottom of the seat. My hand totally didn’t fit. Eventually, I went to get the conductor, and he only succeeding in pushing the phone completely under the seat so we couldn’t even see it any longer. Rats rats and rats.

At this point, we’d missed our shuttle to work, and I was red with frustration and embarrassment. Stretched out underneath the seat, trying to see harder (no, that didn’t work), and make my hands smaller, I thought, “This is completely ridiculous!!” And friend chimes in, “Yeah! But it’s better than being at work!!” *sigh* I guess it is … which speaks volumes. The conductor gave us five minutes to work on it before he had to take the train to the Yard, at which point they’d have to remove the seats to reach the phone. We thought we were *really* going for a grand adventure at that point, but he kicked us off the train and told us he’d call when they retrieved the phone. We ended up running alongside the train yelling names and phone numbers for him to reach us, as the trains pulled away from the station.

That’ll teach me to complain about my phone. I feel like I just got taught a lesson about being grateful for what you have. 🙁

5 Responses to “Adventuresome”

  1. Karen says:

    Damn. I’d be SOO lost without my BlackBerry.

    Did you get your phone back?

  2. Revanche says:

    karen: 24 hours without a phone … WEIRD! But it’s back! I met the conductor this morning and he had it for me. *Whew!* I thought my cushion plans were going to be knocked off kilter before I’d begun.

  3. Oh, I hope you get your phone back!

  4. Matt says:

    Good to hear that you got your phone back – it would really suck if they weren’t able to get the phone out. I wonder how many people have lost their little toys like this?

  5. Revanche says:

    paranoidasteroid: Thanks! 24 hours without the phone was weird!

    matt: Oh, I know. If I hadn’t heard the thunk, I would likely never have found it!

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