By: Revanche

Things I want

August 6, 2009

1. A set of ninja hooks for my super-classy future foyer. When I have a place of my own …. Y’all know my decorating theme will be whatever Makes Me Laugh, right? [And this is why in more lucid moments, I ask anyone with an ounce of sense and taste to take care of my interior design.]

2. A full size mouse. Not the squeak-squeak with whiskers kind, though I don’t mind them, I want .. I NEED a full size mouse for my computer. Rheumy fingers don’t like this micro-POS that I got from an ex-boyfriend in college for my first computer to hold me over until I found a real one. It’s been nine years. I deserve a grown up mouse. And with 4 USB ports, I don’t have to splurge on wireless if I don’t have the money.

3. A trust fund.

What??? Don’t give me that dirty look. I’ll buy you all ice cream if you stop looking at me like that. You can’t imagine the good I can do in the world with a trust fund. Think of the animals! Oh, you didn’t know? My childhood dream was to get rich enough so that I could own a ranch and collect all the old unwanted animals where they had enough food and room to roam. I’m pretty sure someone else was going to get paid to pick up the mess, though. I only do grooming.

3a. For those of you still judging me, I’ll take a final decision on an interview bag as a close, but poor, second third option. I think we’re closer, but it’s still going to cost $30, probably. It looks a lot better than the first option. I did return the first and second bags I took for a trial spin.

4. To give the best birthday and Christmas presents ever, always. It’s really hard, and I’m already worried about Christmas.

5. A cozy little home of my own, with all the stuff I need in it. Financed by a lovely JOB of my own.

**Other Wish Listers (this all started from Stacking Pennies)
Fabulously Broke
Little Miss Moneybags
Stacking Pennies

I’m only sort of tongue in cheek about most of this list. I really do want that mouse though. My fingers are cramped already, I don’t need help. My biggest real wish is to be done and DONE with this stupid disease business because it is getting in my way. I hate losing whole days to pain and fatigue, it’s such a WASTE.

5 Responses to “Things I want”

  1. Miss M says:

    I want a trust fund too, I’d run a dog rescue here in LA. Or work with the homeless, it’s impossible to ignore the homeless problem here when you work downtown. A wish list is a good thing.

  2. Revanche says:

    Janie Out of Debt: Thanks 🙂

    Miss M: We should have a collaborative animal rescues.

  3. How could I have left “Trust Fund” off my list? 🙂

  4. Revanche says:

    stackingpennies: The problem must be that it’s TOO obvious!

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