By: Revanche

October Snapshot: Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2009

Retirement Savings Total: $34,001 (34,951)
Emergency Savings Total: $36,741 (36,887)
Short Term Goals Car Maintenance: $2,223
Insurance: $2,439
Travel/Con: $550
Taxes: $3,590
Moving: $2,894
Total: $11,696 (12,863)
Long Term Goals House Down Payment: $102
Investments TradeKing: $1,095
Prosper-ish Loan: $12,630
Personal Loan: $1,500
Savings Bond: $362 (current accrued value)
Total: $ 15,587 (15,586)
Total Assets Illiquid: $34,001
Semi-Liquid: $15,587
Liquid: $36,741
Expense Acct: $7,156
Goals Savings: $11,696
Total: $ 105,181 (107,893)
Debt and Liabilities AmEx: $653
Chase: $1,580
Rent: $1,360
Total: $3,593 (4,014)
Net Worth $101,588 (103,879)

A few thoughts …..

Once again we have problems with Yodlee “updating” their site which means problems.  This time, the drop down menu that should allow me to update account passwords won’t actually drop down.  Those accounts’ll just have to remain inaccessible for now.

Wonky math. Somewhere in the emergency funds, we’ve got math gone wrong and I can’t figure it out. Last month, I was down $76. This month, $146.  A difference of $222 total when the only outbound transaction from those accounts is a single $500 borrow when I needed to open a Chase account for a bonus offer. I’m starting to wonder if I just made a clerical error at some point?

Losing steam. I’m sliding dangerously close to the other side of the 6 figure mark. I apparently both miscalculated the bare bones scenario upon layoff, and have been traveling a LOT more than planned. The solution?  Find a full time J-O-B!  But also finish my classes with high marks because I’ve paid a good chunk of change for them.  Which, of course, leads me to Item the Next:

Big things next month! Midterms, a trip to the Big Apple, a trip to the Big Island, hosting a Carnival, and final exams! 

5 Responses to “October Snapshot: Happy Halloween!”

  1. Why are there two values?

    Is one book and the other market value?

    Book Value (Market Value)? 🙂

    Still looks like you’re fine to me, but then again, you did mention you were a paranoid person about not having enough saved..

    I’m sliding close to really tightening my belt down to $600 a month. I’ve put myself on a no-buy thing for Nov/Dec, except for $100 each month for EVERYTHING other than rent/utilities.

    That’ll have to be that way until I get something

  2. Money Funk says:

    your net worth never seizes to amaze me. another trip to the big apple? r u trying to relocate to the east coast?

    FB: $600 a month?! and no-buy with the holiday seasons around? amazing. I gotta see this. 🙂

  3. Revanche says:

    FB: Two values for present month (previous month). I just didn’t feel like doing the math, but I wanted to know if I was up or down without having to reference the older ones. I may as well figure out how to customize Excel instead.

    I’m totally paranoid, plus the 6 figure mark is pretty milestoney so I’d hate to “lose” that achievement.

    $600/mo sounds FANtastic. Wish I could. Looking for other ways to tighten up the spending …

    Money Funk: As long as you notice it’s going the wrong direction! 🙂 Another trip because some interviews were sent my way.

    And you just watch FB, she’ll astound you!

  4. Sense says:

    good job!! you’re still holding very strong.

    the big island is my absolute favorite…

  5. Revanche says:

    Sense: Thanks! Trying my best. 🙂 Getting excited for the next trip, too. Once I get back from this one!

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