By: Revanche

Super Saturday: Graduation Season

May 15, 2010

It’s been long enough since any graduations of my own that graduation ceremonies are now utterly unmotivating.  Or so I say now. May is a bit early for my taste, but maybe around June I’ll feel the energy from Pomp and Circumstance! 

In the meantime, there’s something about a) coming back to my old room and b) traveling on a Saturday that makes me just want to hole up like a hermit and so that’s what I’ve done today.

I’ve emerged to spend $30 in pursuit of grooming and feeding. Both were good.

The latter was a catch-me-up session with a dear friend whose family news left me stunned and wandering the mall with unseeing eyes for half an hour until my brain cleared.  While there were no deaths, there was a close call, and several other life events as defined by say, your health care provider for qualification to change your plan have or will occur. None of the good ones, though. The best I could do with give great big hugs and wish things would improve, rapidly.  Y’know the weird thing? I felt guilty. It all happened after I moved, and I thought, “well crap, my world didn’t completely fall apart aside from that one really tough week, but your family took the hit.” 

It felt like the odd void of disaster in my family was moved to someone else I love. Crazy, I know.

In any case, I’ll be writing the usual cousin check for a graduation and another four years completed. As always, I’m inmensely proud and scrambling for an appropriate card to tuck it into because darned if I didn’t take the box of cards up north with me when I moved!

And can I say? I’ve missed this crazy SoCal sun!!  I’ll have to remember how not to get sunburned tomorrow.

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