By: Revanche

Transition Aftermath: tidying up

September 25, 2012

As usual, there’s a slew of things to take care of when leaving a job.  I’m reviewing the list and slowly checking things off:

1. Health care: Already transferred medical, dental and vision to PiC, so I don’t need COBRA.

2. FSA: I kept this with my own firm.

A) I’ll need to make sure that I can be added to PiC’s account as a spouse. Pretty sure it’s not under the dependent clause. The language doesn’t sound like it but there does appear to be a provision for the spouse and family to use the employee’s actual FSA account.

B) I’ve got 90 days to complete any claims against my own account. Frustratingly, even though I still have access to the account administration system, there’s no way to tell them to stop emailing my old work email address if they need to contact me through that system.

3.  401(k): Time for another rollover IRA. All of my accounts are with Vanguard, and my last rollover IRA had enough in it to be converted to Admiral Shares (woo!) so I’d like this to go right into the Admiral Shares.

However!  I have a baby Rollover IRA still sitting in a STAR fund because it was only a little over $3000 so it’ll never qualify for an Admiral bump of anything.

As much as I hated the fees from this small company, we had a decent match so I contributed enough to get the full match. After 2 plus years, I have about $16,500.00 in this account.  That would be more than enough to add to and convert the STAR fund into a respectable Admiral something.

4.  Final Check: Last days worked and vacation are paid out. It’s standard that sick time, if separate from vacation, doesn’t get paid out. Action: Deposited that sucker, soonest.

Unlike my last job where I spent years not taking any vacation, and therefore ended up with about a month to cash out, I only had several days of vacation saved.  It’s a nice extra bit of cash, I don’t need an unbudgeted cash infusion just because, and it’s not like I didn’t enjoy the vacation time I did spend!

Is that everything?

6 Responses to “Transition Aftermath: tidying up”

  1. Karen says:

    How about any contact info you want (external or internal) and copies of your work, if applicable?

    • Revanche says:

      Definitely have contact info for a number of folks, though I didn’t get it for *everyone* I could have. I slowly let in a few people to my LinkedIn net over the past several months so I can reach them that way now. No real copies of my work, it’s not precisely tangible in that way but yeah, references in the way you’re thinking is a good idea.

  2. Sarah says:

    I would say see if you can get letter from references? Its always hard to track down people after you stop working somewhere (and they stop working there, and they move, and it’s too bad because they knew how good of a worker you were…), so this way if you ever need a reference, you have it.

    And contact information – especially emails!

    • Revanche says:

      Ah, references – I was considering getting specific references before I left this time like I did the last time but I ran out of time. I certainly still can get letters as I’m still in touch with people now via phone, LinkedIn, IM, and email.

  3. wow. that’s a lot of work just to leave a company. o_O

    If it was me, I’d be like, “THAT’S ALL THE PAPERWORK!?!?! Meh… It’s okay. I’ll stay.” o_o;;

    • Revanche says:

      *LMAO* Trust me, the paperwork involved in staying was worse. This is 90 days to do a little bit of transferring that’s practically like bill paying. 🙂 Also it looks like more because I was thinking “out loud”.

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