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Good intentions gone awry: extra-beaded dress via flash sale

February 1, 2013

We’re inundated with these flash sale sites these days, and even though there is occasionally a good deal, it seemed like a better idea to unsubscribe to all of them because I felt like it was distracting and there were so few petite-friendly options that go on sale (that I know of) that it seemed pointless.

I should have blogged about doing it, that probably would have kept me honest. But I didn’t. And I didn’t. For once, I let that fear of missing out on the one time a petite brand would go on sale because (creaky voice) two years ago Gilt carried a brand I could actually wear for 40% less than I could find it anywhere else and I ought to have bought then!

Almost inevitably, something caught my eye a few months ago on* and I put myself on the waitlist. To “think about it” (sucker, heh). It came back around as available in my size and here we are, I have myself a shiny dress. Literally.


Even though it’s not 100% perfect, it very nearly is. It just has to lose an inch in the shoulders and it should pretty much be perfect. I cringe at the idea of tailoring such a heavily beaded dress though. My imagination runs amok with how easily it could be ruined. This is why I’ve never trusted myself with such nice things before.

The risk of ordering from this particular site is their return policy, in my opinion. They will only issue the full amount in credit or part of the return less the shipping free if you want your cash back.  They also charge $10 in shipping for every 30 days so you pay once and then have 30 days to keep buying for “free” shipping. Really, it just divvies up the cost of that shipping fee among your other purchases but I’m not a fan of the lure it’s meant to be: Buy more, it’s “free” now!

I hate paying for shipping and hate losing money on a return so I had to be pretty committed to the purchase and pretty sure that the sizing is right. I will admit even after checking the sizing carefully on this and another dress it still felt like a gamble.

The other one actually fit like a glove, also literally. But it still needs a minor creative alteration for modesty’s sake – the back of the dress dips just a shade too low.

There’s a bit of me that feels like there are far too many dresses in the closet already so they should go back and damn the shipping cost but they’re .. so .. shiny.

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11 Responses to “Good intentions gone awry: extra-beaded dress via flash sale”

  1. anna says:

    The flash sale sites are definitely what got me in a lot of trouble last year… they’re kind of addicting to see what brands are going to be showcased, and because my size goes quickly I have to be there from the start! I had to unsubscribe to break the habit. That dress is really pretty, though!!

  2. I have to admit that this is one of the very few times when I’m happy that it’s hard for me to find clothes that fit. I was on some of those email lists too, but quickly realized that 90% of the time, nothing will be long enough. Nothing. So, I unsubscribed.

    I am definitely more of a saver than a spender, so I keep allowing the emails from BR and Gap, so when I get a good coupon I can look to see if one of the 6 or so tall options appeals to me that day…

    • Revanche says:

      Yes, the inability to fit ‘regular’ sizes is rather useful; it’s a good filter to keep from overbuying! Though, I am sorry that means you must be as limited in options as I.

      BR and Gap coupons are useful but it’s hard not to get tired of the utilitarian clothes.

  3. Shelley says:

    That is a truly beautiful dress. I hope you are able to make it fit you as you want it to. And then I hope you will find – or make – occasions on which to wear it. Many of us lose the pleasure in clothing that we once had when younger, so enjoy them while you can!

  4. Wow. Pretty… I hope it doesn’t too much to tailor.

    On a side note, when did you get a new layout? What happened to the doggie banner? I liked it… 🙁

    • Revanche says:

      My fingers are crossed that it’s not extra-expensive to tailor.
      I’ve been fiddling with the new layout – haven’t quite figured out how to get my banner back on there. Still a work in progress!

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