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Life talk: maximizing time

June 7, 2017

I have to 5 to-do lists on Trello, 3 calendars for work and home scheduling, a paper planner, and countless spreadsheets for every financial decision we make.

Am I the most organized, productive person on the West Coast, ticking items off one list after another?


That used to be true. But these days, the massive system just keeps me on top of things rather than several steps behind.

In today’s reality, my subconscious brain makes the call on what I’m going to get done regardless of the priority or urgency. I can make myself focus on the urgent deadlines but if I just sit back and let my whims steer the ship, you’ll see that it basically chooses decisions to make that I am capable of making based solely on my ability / energy no matter how bizarre it might seem.

This weekend was all errands: food shopping, more food shopping, setting up our Costco membership. Many miles were walked.

So many miles.

After dropping JuggerBaby off in zir crib for a nap, I crawled into bed and pulled out my phone for some research. Instead of dealing with house-hunting stuff, I researched holiday cards and picked the design that we’ll use this year. Mental note – still need to confirm that it’s cheaper to order 75 cards from Costco than to stitch together “10 free cards!” offers from Tiny Prints and Shutterfly, paying mostly for shipping and an additional 30 cards.

Sometimes I wonder why we spend time and money on holiday cards but then I remember that it’s important to PiC, so we do it. Mostly I do it. I don’t mind, it’s part of my money-related control freak thing, but it does take energy.

It’s not even June yet but house-hunting requires 10 units of energy and I only had 2, so a 2-unit of energy item, holiday cards, was served up on my mental board.  This way I’m usually always getting something done even if it makes no sense.

This morning I couldn’t get out of bed without sixteen body parts twanging and sending up alarms so I’m taking a half day to rest. But before collapsing, I had started the rice cooker and slow cooker, so I’m “cooking” dinner even while I’m laid out, unable to lift my arms.

Would that I were always so well prepared.

:: How do you save yourself on tough days? 

3 Responses to “Life talk: maximizing time”

  1. {sigh} Sorry you had one of those trying days.

    “How do you save yourself on tough days?” Yell at inanimate objects…especially of the electronic variety. These usually are at the core of a tough day.

    Seriously: stop. Just stop.

    Take stock of the to-do list. How many of those things REALLY have to be done today? Come to think of it, how many of them have to be done at all? Could any of them be delegated, or (better yet) sloughed off altogether?

    Put off everything that can be delayed. Foist off everything that can be foisted. Delete everything that can be deleted. Then use the resulting free time, even if it’s only 15 minutes, for some concentrated R&R.
    Funny about Money recently posted…Woman Over One-Celled OrganismMy Profile

  2. […] loved this post by Revanche about choosing what to do with your minutes in life. Plus, <3 the new blog look. I choose all the time, I can’t do it all. I prioritize Baby […]

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