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Just a little (link) love: oh those cats edition

December 21, 2017

First glitter, now microfleece? Should we just assume that anything synthetic and manmade is going to make it’s way into the environment and our food? Seems like the safest bet. Also yuck.

Square dancing has a political history? What on earth.

This is absolutely heartbreaking: “There’s something inherently wrong with the system that’s not valuing the lives of black women equally to white women.

Many thanks to Emily for sharing this article about Jolabokaflod. I’d love this to replace our Christmas gifting tradition, I’d even accept it in the face of my stocks-only rule.

Ew, no thank you: The principalโ€™s words of praise were directed entirely at his adult listeners: If our children were prepared for Stuyvesant, he told us, it was because we had been โ€œpreparing them for academic excellence since they were in utero.โ€

Jim built a banking firewall. I have something similar.

This Pope never ceases to amaze me. A recent address tackles the resistance to reform head on.

I didn’t faint but these were funny anyway

7 Responses to “Just a little (link) love: oh those cats edition”

  1. Cindy in the South says:

    I guess I have a “sorta” firewall account. First, I have an account that my paycheck is auto deposited into, and my car ins is auto deposited out of. I also do not have a debit card with this account. I write my electric bill check, my water bill check (that is right, I use checks…lol), and checks I write to Walmart or Dollar General, or local grocery store out of this account. I have a separate account, at a separate local bank with a debit card attached. I gave the debit card to my college age son for gas and extras, and I will write a check for my “main” account into this account. I do zero on line transfers to this account. This debit card was used in a state far away by someone, but the bank caught it. I have yet another account, in yet another bank, that my mortgage comes out of (this bank is my mortgage lender), the balance in that account is my savings. I transfer money, by check, from this account from my main account. This bank is also located in the town where I work, so it is convenient for me to get cash from it. I never use an ATM. I keep a certain amount of cash for gas for myself.

  2. Cindy in the South says:

    Oh wow, I should have proofread…lol. my car ins is auto deducted out of my main acct. …also I move money from my main account into the account from where I make my mortgage payment…sigh… it is too early….

    • Revanche says:


      I rarely use the ATM as well, but in my case that’s to avoid cash because it’s so untrackable for me as far as budgeting.

  3. SP says:

    Awww, but I love microfleece ๐Ÿ™ And I have a top load washer. Oh, what a world…
    SP recently posted…End of Year Money MovesMy Profile

  4. Anonymess says:

    Jolabokaflod sounds awesome. I don’t know if it’s because I’m an Old, but I still find something compelling and satisfying about reading a physical book, or even being around them in a bookstore.

    • Revanche says:

      How are we defining Old? I assumed I love the idea because I’m a book nerd but it could also be the Old thing ๐Ÿ˜€

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