November 2, 2017

Just a little (link) love: Husky Bubbles edition

What can sleep deprivation do to parents? Yes to so many of these problems.

I remember reading the BoxcarKids’ blog when we were both starting out as bloggers, during the Recession, and I’m so glad she’s still around and doing better.

I find myself rooting for this couple brought together by chance and the scummy actions of a selfish man

One in ten girls are catcalled before age 11. Totally disgusting and not a surprise – I saw some of that happening when I was growing up.

Lily at Frugal Gene talks about parents withholding information from their kids, and theorizes her mom was ashamed of being poor. I can understand that. We all have different reactions to poverty. I grew up poor, Mom grew up impoverished. We talked about how hard her childhood was and what she had to do to improve her circumstances as a child, so there was no shame attached to the idea of not having money, there was instead motivation to do better. But I was STILL at least a little embarrassed during my twenties that I was so poor through no fault of my own. JB is currently growing up in SUCH a different environment of having anything and everything ze needs, though not everything ze wants, and I want zir to have a healthy and realistic relationship to money.

Check out Liz’s breadwinning, 6-figure moms series.

Fascinating. In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own one guinea pig (for a good reason). Hattip @geekdadchris for the link!

Husky Bubbles

November 1, 2017

FinCon17 recap

FinCon2017 Recap: Dallas, Texas

Coming so closely after our massive renovations and moving, I was unconvinced I should fly off to Texas and leave PiC with a toddler for five days. I sure wouldn’t let him ditch me for five day, solo! 🙂 At least not without calling in reinforcements!

I didn’t leave him high and dry, though! I made them a crafts box to keep them busy: special crafts scissors, construction paper, glue sticks, play-doh, half price Halloween googly eyes foam stickers, a list of projects they could do. A meatloaf was baked and left in the freezer to make sure they could eat real food at least 2 of the week days since we all know it’s a huge pain to start dinner after you get home at 6:30 with a toddler also demanding that you play with zir. We scheduled zir favorite local person to come over for dinner one night, and a playdate with a favorite toddler friend for the weekend. Seamus wasn’t forgotten, of course. Our sitter was great, dropping by to take him out for the afternoon walks that I normally take care of, and we arranged a swap of walking favors instead of payment.

Thankfully, we all survived!


Swagbucks: November sign up bonus

If you’re not using Swagbucks and sign up using my link this month, then earn 300 total SB before 12/1/17, you get a 300 SB bonus.

You’ll also get a $10 (1000 SB rebate) bonus for making your first shop purchase, in addition to the SBs you earn for every dollar you spend.

It’s worth it if you have a few minutes a day to earn some SBs – I’m redeeming my monthly $25 gift card for 2200 SB tomorrow!

Here’s a handy tutorial if you’d like to join Swagbucks and earn. I track my earnings here.

Swagbucks: Holiday Sale

Remember to check Swagbucks first when you go shopping this holiday season. They’re offering double cash back at dozens of stores during their 2017 Holiday Sale.

My favorites: Macy’s, Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond, Gap, Omaha Steaks.

Bonus: If you’re not already using them and sign up through me, you’ll get a $3 rebate when you earn your first 300 SB before December 1st.

Here’s a handy tutorial if you’d like to join Swagbucks and earn. I track my earnings here.

October 30, 2017

New house, no problem! (?)

Making ourselves at home in our new home[Part 11]

Let the nesting and relaxation begin!!

Well, not quite.

For one thing, If You Give A Mouse a Cookie …..

We chose not to do work on the exterior or much of the interior – nothing that wasn’t critical to function was updated. I can learn to live with anything, after all! Which is plain truth but it turns out I underestimated how badly it would stand out like a sore thumb.

Never mind that, though. I can ignore the sore thumb(s).

You would think that all the new stuff would be amazing to use but if you’re a pessimist or a realist, you’d know that another way to describe new stuff is “things that haven’t broken you yet”.


October 26, 2017

Just a little (link) love: cheetahs meow edition

I don’t read The Financial Diet often so I’m happy that I dropped in on the day they published this gem.

Thanks to Katherine for sharing this Nora Ephron piece on living in New York.

Glory Edim making a day job and running Well Read Black Girl all work.

What’s your financial personality?

Hm. I wonder if it’s just the PF community that believes so strongly in the idea of self employment as the One True Way to Millionaireship. I pretty strongly disagree with that. But maybe the subset of people who believe this so strongly is the subset most likely to succeed because they can afford to take risks, already have income to sustain them while they take those risks, and aren’t worried about survival. My personal family experience with self employment was without any of those advantages because my parents were immigrants and faced many headwinds: starting from the bottom with literally nothing, plus two small children to support, in a new country where everything was foreign.

Mrs Adventure Rich asked what would go on your wall? I didn’t mean to be a total nerd about it but it just happened. You can’t stop this nerdroll.

Thanks to Little Green Revelation for sharing this link to a Fast Company article on a bizarre situation involving mattress companies, their advertising and affiliate deals, and suing blogging reviewers.

It’s important to listen to women when they share their harassment experiences. Lupita Nyong’o: Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein

Cheetahs don’t roar??

October 25, 2017

My kid and notes from Year 2.7

My kid in Year 2.7

Sleep shenanigans

Another month, another sleep challenge.

It seems like JB is having nightmares because a few mornings a week, ze wakes up crying, with real tears, and calling for me. It’s a total departure from zir usual routine where ze ONLY wants Dad so it makes me think there’s a bit more trauma.

Ze doesn’t have the concepts to explain to us why ze is so upset so I can only hope that ze didn’t also inherit my propensity for bonecrushingly scary nightmares. They started so early I actually don’t recall the onset, but I do recall many of them to this day. I used to curl up next to Mom and Dad’s closed bedroom door because I was literally scared stiff, too afraid to knock on the door. Not because I thought they’d be mad but just because the nightmare had me in its grip even after I’d woken.


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